Weight Capacity Upgrade Kit for E-Spec

Weight Capacity Upgrade Kit for E-Spec

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For E-Spec racks with batch codes lower than 2122.

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ITEM P428 | In Stock
G10/CHINOOK/CURRENT/ESPEC Locking Ratchet Hook
$78.00 CAD
ITEM P494 | Back Order
$7.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM P496 | In Stock
$4.00 CAD
ITEM P199 | In Stock
Knob & Bolt for Wheel Tray
$4.00 CAD
ITEM 66690 | In Stock
Ramp & Bridge for Current, E-Spec, and G10
$120.00 CAD
ITEM 2005 | Back Order
Replacement Security Cable for use with Locking Hitch Pin
$26.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM 64027 | In Stock
5/8" Locking Threaded Hitch Pin
$42.00 CAD
ITEM 5901 | In Stock
5/8" Hitch Pin & Clip
$7.50 CAD
ITEM S1008 | In Stock
Wheel Strap Rubber Block
$3.50 CAD
ITEM G1020 | In Stock
G10 Left Wheel Tray
$39.00 CAD
ITEM G1025 | In Stock
G10 Right Wheel Tray
$39.00 CAD
ITEM 64030 | In Stock
5/8" Locking Threaded Hitch Pin & Cable
$62.50 CAD
ITEM P322 | In Stock
Folding Pin
$6.50 CAD
ITEM P196 | In Stock
End Cap for Upright & Horizontal Bar
$2.00 CAD
ITEM P426 | In Stock
$10.00 CAD
ITEM G1075 | In Stock
Replacement Ratchet Strip
$5.00 CAD
ITEM P197 | In Stock
XTC & XC Series Shim & Knob for Wheel Hoop
$7.50 CAD
ITEM E1030 | In Stock
G10/E-Spec/Current Crossbar (black)
$44.00 CAD
ITEM 66691 | In Stock
Roll-Thru Wheel Tray Retrofit Kit for Current, E-Spec, or G10
$75.00 CAD
ITEM P474 | In Stock
$44.00 CAD
ITEM 11341 | In Stock
Fat Bike Compatible Wheel Tray Set for Current, E-Spec, & G10
$75.00 CAD
ITEM G1050 | In Stock
G10 Upright Bar- Grey
$83.00 CAD
ITEM E1050 | Back Order
Upright Center Post for E-Spec & Current
$78.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM E1002 | In Stock
Brace for Crossbar for Espec and Current Racks
$5.00 CAD
ITEM S1013 | In Stock
Replacement Wheel Block
$6.50 CAD

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