Swagman Replacement Keys

Are you looking for replacement keys for your Swagman product? We can help! 

Replacement Keys for Swagman Bike Racks

There are almost a thousand variations of keys for the hundreds of Swagman models over the years, so please read carefully to learn how we can get you the keys you need to keep going. 

To get a replacement key, you must know the model of rack your key is for, as well as the key number (usually stamped on the head or shaft of your key).

Due to product developments, certain older Swagman models are no longer supported - although sometimes we still have solutions available.

Discontinued Keys

We no longer service or sell keys for the following products:

XP or Original Locking Knob

Solution: Purchase replacement knob that includes new keys (#P1040)

XP Locking Foot

Solution: Purchase updated receiver foot (#P132)

Original Locking Foot

Solution: Purchase updated receiver foot (#P132)

Upright Roof Rack Locking Knob

Solution: Purchase updated replacement locking knob (#P1030 - includes new keys)

Titan Locking Cable

Solution: Cut off cable and purchase locking hitch pin w/ cable - confirm hitch pin compatibility before purchase. (#64030 or #64031)


Permanently discontinued. No replacement parts available.

Swagman Roof Boxes

Solution: Contact Us for Assistance 


All Other Swagman Products

If you are looking for a replacement key for any product not mentioned above, or are looking for further assistance, please contact us to create a support ticket

When emailing us, to ensure a swift reply, please ensure you include the following:

  • Name of the Product (or a photo of your rack if you are unsure of the name)
  • Key Number that is stamped on existing keys (if possible)

Contact us to order replacement keys for your Swagman product.