A Summit’s Tale: Rugged Adventure and Rack Revolution

The Swagman Summit Vertical Rack carrying mountain bikes on the back of a Toyota Tacoma near Moab, Utah on the Lockhart Basin route

Words & Photos: Evan Wishloff

There’s an art to blending the rugged with the refined, the journey with the destination, and the gear with the experience. 

Last year in Moab, the Swagman Journal experienced the art of Land Rafting for the first time, hinting at the product testing mission we were on.

A Swagman Summit Vertical Rack parked at camp on the Lockhart Basin Trail

Unbeknownst to our readers, the backbone of our Moab escapade was the then-unnamed Summit. Installed onto the back of our dusty Tacoma, it wasn’t just along for the ride - it was an integral part of the experience, poised to endure the untamed terrain of Lockhart Basin.

A Swagman Summit Vertical Bike Rack installed on the back of a Toyota Tacoma in Moab, Utah

The mandate was simple: push the Summit to its limits. Challenge it against the abrasive redrock dust, the undulating terrain, and the whims of Mother Nature in the desert of Utah.

Mountain bikers and their support vehicle ride along the Lockhart Basin Trail near Moab, Utah

Day after day, as pedals turned, we would await for our trusty Land Raft with all we’d need for the night at camp. 

Amidst the vast landscapes of Lockhart Basin, the Summit was more than just a bike rack - it was our makeshift corral at camp, our quick-access gear hub, a place to string up lights at night, and in the face of a rare desert blizzard, our beacon of retreat. 

Night time shots of the Swagman Journal Crew camping under the starry night sky on Lockhart Basin Trail near Moab, Utah

Bikes racked at camp, the Summit easily tilted down out of the way, allowing us swift access to gear in the truck bed, while the Easy-Assist gas shock demonstrated its worth by effortlessly hoisting the rack upright, fully laden with our trusty steeds.

On our final day, snow descended onto the desert, and the Summit became our retreat. Shivering and cold, with numb fingers, we loaded our bikes onto the rack at the top of Hurrah Pass. Even in the harshest conditions, the wheel trays and ratchet straps quickly cradled our bikes, letting us seek refuge from the biting cold.

Mountain bikers climb into the mist and rain on Lockhart Basin Trail near Moab, Utah

Our return to Moab marked the completion of the Summit’s trial by nature. It had been battered by the elements, pressed into use for more than a few unintended shuttling moments during our Land Rafting adventure.

Mountain bikers ride through the snow on Lockhart Basin Trail as they climb up Hurrah Pass near Moab, Utah

As we proudly unveil the Swagman Summit Vertical Rack, we invite you to discover the full range of features and envision how the Summit could help you redefine your next adventure.

This isn’t just another bike rack - it’s a commitment to adventure, to exploration, and to the seamless integration of gear into your journey. 

A Mountain Biker gets ready to load his mountain bike onto the Swagman Summit on the back of a Toyota Tacoma at the top of Hurrah Pass near Moab, Utah

Embark on your next expedition with the Summit as your trusted companion. Designed for the thrill-seekers, the explorers, and the dreamers, this rack is your getaway to the adventures that await.

Are you ready to conquer new trails with the Summit? Grab yours now and join the Swagman family of adventurers. 

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