Semi 2.0
Semi 2.0
Semi 2.0
Semi 2.0
Semi 2.0
Semi 2.0

Semi 2.0

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Carries: 1 or 2 Bikes
Fits: Class 2 - 1-1/4" & Class 3 - 2" Hitch Receiver
Load: 45 lbs. per Bike

The Swagman SEMI 2.0 is a hitch mount bike rack which carries up to two bikes weighing up to 45lbs each and it’s ideal for carbon framed bikes. The rack secures the bike by its wheels, without touching the frame, so you don’t have to worry about the chance of frame scuffs. The SEMI 2.0 fits many frames and styles of bikes including those with 20” to 29” wheels and tire widths up to 3”. It tilts back so you can access your trunk even when bikes are loaded. Integrated locking cables and locking threaded hitch pin help to keep your bikes and the rack secure.

  • Carries two bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 45lbs per bike
  • Fits tires up to 3” wide
  • Fits wheels 20” to 29” in diameter
  • Fits Class 2, 1-1/4" and Class 3, 2” hitch receivers
  • Locking hitch pin and integrated locking cables
  • Zero frame contact 
  • Tilts back for access to the rear of the vehicle even when bikes are loaded




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ITEM 5902 | In Stock
1/2" Hitch Pin & Clip
$7.50 CAD
ITEM 64029 | In Stock
1/2" Locking Threaded Hitch Pin
$42.00 CAD
ITEM P496 | In Stock
$4.00 CAD
ITEM S1007 | In Stock
SEMI/ESCAPEE Wheel Strap, Buckle & Block
$13.00 CAD
ITEM 64031 | In Stock
1/2" Locking Threaded Hitch Pin & Cable
$62.50 CAD
ITEM P323 | In Stock
L Bracket for 1-1/4" Receiver Bar
$28.00 CAD
ITEM 2005 | Back Order
Replacement Security Cable for use with Locking Hitch Pin
$26.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM S1008 | In Stock
Wheel Strap Rubber Block
$3.50 CAD
ITEM S1005 | In Stock
SEMI/ESCAPEE Front Wheel Tray & Bolts
$26.00 CAD
ITEM S1006 | In Stock
SEMI/ESCAPEE Rear Wheel Tray & Bolts
$25.00 CAD
ITEM S1015 | In Stock
$2.00 CAD
ITEM P333 | In Stock
XTC2/XTC2Tilt/SEMI2.0 Threaded Insert - Hitch End
$4.00 CAD
ITEM P492 | In Stock
SEMI 2.0 Hardware Pack
$18.00 CAD
ITEM S1060 | In Stock
SEMI Ratchet Arm Set
$169.00 CAD
ITEM S1013 | In Stock
Replacement Wheel Block
$6.50 CAD
ITEM S1002 | In Stock
Brace for Crossbar for Escapee and Semi Racks
$5.00 CAD
ITEM S1009 | In Stock
Ratchet Buckle for Semi/Escapee
$8.00 CAD
ITEM S1001 | Back Order
SEMI 2.0 Main Assembly
$250.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM S1030 | In Stock
SEMI/ESCAPEE Horizontal Crossbar Outer
$30.00 CAD
ITEM S1017 | In Stock
$2.00 CAD

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