QUAD 2+2 Hitch Mount Platform Rack

QUAD 2+2 Hitch Mount Platform Rack

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Whether riding with a partner or a family, the Swagman | QUAD 2+2 rack provides the versatility to transport 2 bikes or attach the add-on to travel with 4 bikes of up to 45lbs each. Simple to assemble and easy to use, the padded foam hooks utilizing quick release triggers, ratchet down on the frame and lock in place for security. This go to rack is built to accommodate most frame sizes and styles with adjustable wheel trays to fit a variety of wheel bases.

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ITEM P494 | In Stock
$7.00 CAD
ITEM 2005 | Back Order
Replacement Security Cable for use with Locking Hitch Pin
$26.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM 5901 | In Stock
5/8" Hitch Pin & Clip
$7.50 CAD
ITEM S1008 | In Stock
Wheel Strap Rubber Block
$3.50 CAD
ITEM 64694 | In Stock
$75.00 CAD
ITEM 64030 | In Stock
5/8" Locking Threaded Hitch Pin & Cable
$62.50 CAD
ITEM S1015 | In Stock
$2.00 CAD
ITEM P322 | In Stock
Folding Pin
$6.50 CAD
ITEM P426 | In Stock
$10.00 CAD
ITEM P196 | In Stock
End Cap for Upright & Horizontal Bar
$2.00 CAD
ITEM G1075 | In Stock
Replacement Ratchet Strip
$5.00 CAD
ITEM P197 | In Stock
XTC & XC Series Shim & Knob for Wheel Hoop
$7.50 CAD
ITEM P474 | In Stock
$44.00 CAD
ITEM Q1010 | In Stock
QUAD/DISPATCH Outer Left/Inner Right Wheel Tray
$30.00 CAD
ITEM Q1011 | In Stock
QUAD/DISPATCH Inner Left/Outer Right Wheel Tray
$30.00 CAD
ITEM S1000 | In Stock
QUAD/SEMI 4.0 Set Screws
$8.50 CAD
ITEM Q1050 | Back Order
QUAD 2+2 Horizontal Bars
$36.00 CAD
Back Order
ITEM P429 | In Stock
QUAD Locking Ratchet Hook Set
$156.00 CAD
ITEM P491 | In Stock
QUAD 2+2 Hardware Pack
$28.50 CAD
ITEM P470 | In Stock
QUAD 2+2 Upright Ratchet Assembly
$83.00 CAD
ITEM P473 | In Stock
QUAD 2+2 Main Body Rear Half
$31.00 CAD
ITEM P471 | In Stock
QUAD 2+2 Main Body Front Half
$160.00 CAD

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