Jen Annett: An Impressive Second Place Finish at Ironman Lake Placid

What a day! Actually, more like an amazing trip all around! Lake Placid was one of my best Ironman experiences and can’t wait to go back! Everything from the town to the volunteers, the scenery and the race itself. We just got told this morning at the awards that there was a 91% finishing rate and there were no crashes on the bike course. This is amazing considering how rainy and windy it was!

This was a really neat experience for me. I went an extra day earlier than usual, which gave me some extra time to get things done and not be rushed. I had a really fun interview with Wattie Ink as well as a photo shoot, was up on the Pro Panel with some select athletes that had raised money for charities. Had a little bit of a hiccup with accommodation, but it was quickly worked out thanks to some awesome people I met down there!

The Venue is absolutely fantastic. I arrived on Wed afternoon and the swim course was already set up! There is a permanent rope under the water, so you really don’t even need to sight at all! I didn’t get a chance to see any of the bike course except the one small part I drove in on, but I did get to run part of the run course on Friday when I did the photo shoot. I was really excited about the course. Beautiful and challenging pretty much sums it up!

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